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I was convinced by my friend to try out eToro because he was getting successful in Forex Trading. This was my first time to be in such an investment venture, but eToro made sure that I get to learn it fast and easy. I was wrong when I thought that trading is a complex world. Thanks to eToro. - Reginald Hayesworth

I have been using a different system to process my trade in Forex and Options, for about a year now. However, when I started using eToro, I have never imagined that trading could be a fun experience with a social networking site of its own. I even saw my friends and they copied some of my market moves. Wow! - Oswald Deskarov

When I started eToro, I thought that I could only gain profits from my trading skills and insight on market trends. However, all of that changed when I became a Silver Member and noticed that most of my referred friends are depositing over $2500. - Oliver Rainsborough

I am a social networking fan as I have tons of friends over Facebook and Twitter. What got me into eToro was I am enjoying two things while using their software; seeing the presence of friends and other peers, making the trade, and the fun of exchanging messages while crossing my fingers gaining profit from my closed deal. It was fun! -
Anna Naismith

My self-confidence went down after losing from my last investment platform. I had to rest awhile and see if my lucky streak is back. Thanks to the trial account that eToro has, I slowly gained my esteem back, without cashing out anything, and ran the software when I felt I was ready. Kudos! - Ichiro Kazushima

Their Forex trading software was the best I ever used. While I am a veteran when it comes to trading, I got tired of looking at too many numbers, graphs, and charts, all the time. But when I got eToro, I had used the Visual option which gave me a different trading environment I never enjoyed before. - Larson Ashley

I ditched my last trading group coz their customer service was terrible. Whether I am conversing with them through email, chat, or phone call, I am not getting prompt answers to my queries. eToro made me more than satisfied with their service coz my emails are addressed within the day, chats are answered despite of the heavy queue, and phone calls are assisted with no signs of coercion. - Sandy Powers

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