eToro Accounts and Features

As you sign up with eToro, expect that you will come to encounter features that would make you pursue becoming a successful trader, steadily climbing up the top and enjoying the rewards of taking risks and loss.

There are two ways for you to access these accounts to utilize all the elements. One, if you start from the most basic account and work your way up for more trades and deposits. Or two, just pay for the minimal deposit amount of a particular account and you can become your own master. Here are the accounts, accessibility requirements, and the respective features.

If you think that you have reached the top of the line, then prepare yourself for being an eToro VIP member by investing over $20,000 for the whole use of the account. You will have access to all the previous features, plus a 15% return on your first deposit of the month and a one-on-one training with reputable Forex experts.

It may be a long way up, but since the membership is running on a ladder system, you will come to earn better rewards as you enjoy your trading with eToro. You can even start trading for real in as low as $50.

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